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How do psychological development, Boccia coachers and sport team? Analize activity at World Boccia Cup 2022 in Bahrain

How do psychological development, Boccia coachers and sport team? Analize activity at World Boccia Cup 2022 in Bahrain

Author(s): Riyan Wulan Rahayu, Sapta Kunta Purnama, Haris Nugroho and Slamet Riyadi

Abstract: Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine how do psychological development, Bocciacoachers and sport team? analize activity at World Boccia Cup 2022 in Bahrain.Materials and Methods: The study of Indonesian boccia national athletes used qualitative research types. This research will be carried out at the NPC Indonesia Boccia National Team Training Center in Surakarta. Starting from preliminary research by making direct observations at the pusdiklat, namely in Gor Boccia, the Indonesian boccia pelatnas. The study time starts from September 2022 - June 2023. In the study of how the efforts made by coaches and teams of Indonesian boccia sports with data sources of athletes, coaches, teams, and parents of athletes, the intended population is individuals involved in that context. Data analysis techniques in this study use descriptive data analysis techniques. The stages of data analysis carried out in this development research as carried out are: data reduction, presentation of data, and drawing conclusions.Result: The psychological development of Indonesian National boccia athletes at the World Boccia Cup 2022 in Bahrain before match after match with satisfactory results reflects a journey of achievement and growth. Before competing, the athletes experienced different emotions and challenges, but nerves and fears were overcome with the help of team support and mental coaches. The support of their teams and spiritual coaches helped them focus on the process and accept that results are not always in their control. With satisfactory post-competition results that allowed some athletes to achieve their goals and achieve great success, their psychological development became increasingly sustainable. These victories and achievements made the athletes more confident and they felt rewarded for the hard work they put into their preparation. After the match, the psychological development of the athletes was not over. They will learn from the experience of this competition and plan to continue improving their mental performance in the future. The satisfactory results motivate them to keep fighting and face the challenges in the next competition. Indonesian boccia coaches and teams prepare intensive training programs tailored to the needs and abilities of each athlete. They devise a training plan that includes technical, tactical, and physical aspects so that the athletes can master the game of boccia well. Coaches and teams recognize the importance of athletes' mental readiness to face the pressures of competition. That is why they hire a mental coach to help the athlete manage his emotions, improve his concentration, and overcome his fears or doubts before the competition. Coaches and teams set realistic goals for each athlete, both in terms of performance and personal improvement. This goal forces athletes to work hard to get the results they expect. Coaches and teams ensure athletes' match equipment is tested and in optimal condition in Bahrain. This ensures athletes can compete confidently and without technical obstacles. Coaches and teams pay attention to athletes' nutrition and recovery to ensure physical condition remains excellent during preparation and Match. They provide the necessary medical support for athletes who need specialized care. The coach and team work closely with the Indonesian Embassy in Bahrain to provide the necessary support and facilities during the preparation and competition. Embassy support is an added value to ensure the comfort and continuity of the athlete preparation program.Conclusion: Psychological development, Boccia coaches and sports teams at the 2022 Boccia World Cup in Bahrain are well programmed and planned.

DOI: 10.33545/27077012.2023.v4.i2b.195

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Riyan Wulan Rahayu, Sapta Kunta Purnama, Haris Nugroho, Slamet Riyadi. How do psychological development, Boccia coachers and sport team? Analize activity at World Boccia Cup 2022 in Bahrain. J Sports Sci Nutr 2023;4(2):112-121. DOI: 10.33545/27077012.2023.v4.i2b.195
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