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Journal of Sports Science and Nutrition

2020, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Part A

A study of parental attitude and perceptions towards sports and physical education

Author(s): Dr. Dinesh Kumar Dinkar

Abstract: According to the law of nature, the first lesson of education to a child is body movement, which he learns initially in a natural way. Movement is an essential component of growth and also for development. Research has shown that physical exercise reduces abruptly with age and that children activity level is not adequate to support optimum health. For adults, physical inactivity raises the likelihood of multiple constant age diseases with extended running coronary heart diseases, asthma and bowel diseases. Physical inactivity has to lead to a notable childhood plague in the short term and is now ravaging most western nations. The evaluation test also demonstrates a decreased level of physical activity in Greece and an alarmingly high prevalence of sturdiness among Greek children.Moreover, more than three modifiable cardiovascular risk factors tend to be present at a crucial level for long term older people. Education for the school welfare is seen as perhaps the most encouraging response to the development of well-being about both current and long term social progress. Because of the above and the promising effects of some interventions, welfare education is viewed not as compulsory subject in Greek schools but as an educational method that relies on the teachers resources to carry out some intercession at the class level school or area.

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